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Concerned about how your meat was raised?

Grow your own, or better yet let us help you. A.C.E.S. services, located in Grandview, TX will help you raise your own beef.  You own the cow and then when her calves are old enough, you have grass fed antibiotic free meat for your family to eat.  Your  calves will be born, raised, and finished on open pasture.  As cow/calf pairs, weanlings, and yearlings they live on pasture their entire lives.  It does not matter where you live, you can still own your own cow and raise your own meat. Animals raised by A.C.E.S. receive cutting edge care without the toxic side effects of traditional veterinary care.  Calves stay with their mothers until weaning at about 8 months of age. They are then grouped in a herd of age mates and rotate through pastures as a familiar herd.

In winter months when grass becomes dormant, your cows are supplemented with grass hay harvested and sun dried from our pastures during the peak growing season when we have an abundance of grass.  As live food enthusiasts know . . . sun drying maintains the enzymes in our grass. Your grass fed cattle will NEVER spend a second on a feedlot.  The benefits of super green live food is reported as the benefits of alfalfa and wheat grass juices. Humans need juicers to assimilate these super foods but cattle eat this raw as their most nutritious natural diet which improves their intestinal pH. Cattle in feedlots gain weight fast.  However, the gain is at the expense of the health and comfort of the  animal.  Stressful feedlot conditions necessitate constant medicating while an animal becomes ready for slaughter at 12-13 months of age to counteract the poor immune system.

Grass-fed beef is more expensive than grain fed.  In an industry where volume is what determines profit, the speed at which the animal can be fattened becomes very important. A grass fattened animal is often not ready for slaughter until 18 months and sometimes 24 months.

Currently, with few exceptions, the only sources available for true grass fed beef are small, family-type  producers who have decided to market their product directly to the consumer.  These producers usually supply customers on a first come basis and they may not always have enough to meet the demand.  By owning your own cattle, you can plan ahead and don’t have to worry about getting to the market as early as possible.

Each cow is permanently tagged with a number so we can keep precise records on its care.   Our staff veterinarians are both trained in many different methods of alternative therapies:  Nutrition, acupuncture, cold laser, homeopathic and herbal remedies are available if one of your cattle would need them.  The use of routine chiropractic care increases the ability of your cattle to ward off disease, decreases cortisol levels in your meat and increases tenderness.  Your cattle will NEVER have been treated with antibiotics or hormones.

To Know Your Food is to Love Your Food.

We treat your animals with humane care, the way cows want to be treated like cows.

Know Your Food Program

Please visit the contract tab in the website to get the full explanation of our program for

protecting your family and raising your beef in a humane manner.

Over 6 years of life cycles you will have raised 6 - 1200# animals.  At that point consumers will still own their original cow and will still have the initial investment. The average price for the beef you have raised will have been between $9.00 and $11.00 per pound.  This price includes prime cuts as well as hamburger.

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