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Boarding Agreement

Know Your Food (“KYF”) and _____________________________________ (“Owner”) agree as follows:

1. KNOW YOUR FOOD (from here known as KYF) agrees to provide care and boarding of Owner’s cow(s) in the KYF herd.  Care and boarding will include appropriate shelter when needed, Organic feed, water, labor, and routine health care under the guidelines of Global Organic Alliance (Organic certifier).

2. KYF covenants that the cows in KYF will become certified Organic by the standards of Global Organic Alliance (GOA) as soon as possible.  This ensures that:

a. All feed that the animals are given or graze upon will be in the process of becoming Certified Organic.

b. Grasses, feeds and other forage have not had pesticides or herbicides applied to them.

c. All medical care follows the standards of GOA and are not given antibiotics or other medicines that have not been certified.

d. Cows have never been given BST, progesterones or other hormones to increase production.

3. The cows in KYF will have access to grass at all times, during the grass growing seasons. They will be given stored Organic feed during winter or other brown months.

4. KYF will inspect Owner’s cows regularly for signs of ill health.  If medical treatment is indicated, the cow will be treated with herbal remedies or tinctures that are approved by the standards of GOA.  Should veterinary care be needed for ill health, pregnancy screening, or TB testing, the monthly boarding fee will pay for these services.  Dr. Hayek and Dr. Ormston are both licensed veterinarians.  They have experience in treating animals with alternative and non-pharmaceutical methods.  These may include homeopathy, acupuncture, and chiropractic as well as other non-traditional modalities. The Owner agrees that while these methods may not be usual and customary, they will allow the cows to remain in the KYF herd and provide the best consumable products available.

5. The KYF cows will have access to fresh air and water at all times.

6. KYF covenants that it will maintain premises and facilities in healthy and safe conditions for the cows and workers.

7. KYF will facilitate annual breeding of the herd to ensure that the cows will continue to produce calves.  KYF has calculated and divided the cost of maintaining 1 bull/25 cows into the monthly fee.

8. Monthly fees for board will be paid by either ACH payment or a valid credit card held on file with KYF.

9. Owner will pay KYF $_______ per calendar month for the cost of boarding his/her animal. This payment is due to KYF the first week of each month.  If Owner fails to pay KYF or notify them of delayed payment KYF will send Owner a registered letter and add a 15% service fee. After 60 days with no response the Owner will get a second registered letter stating that the Owner’s cow will be sold and the outstanding board will be subtracted from the sales price along with a 25% administrative fee.

10. KYF and Owner may settle on a per diem rate for the first partial month that the Owner has ownership in a KYF cow.

11. Boarding funds will be apportioned as follows:  1) “Breeding Fund.”  This money will be used to maintain breeding methods for KYF so that they may do everything possible to assure the  Owner’s cow becomes pregnant in a timely manner,  2) Environmental Care Fund, which addresses pasture maintenance, and testing, 3) Herd safety and management, which includes fence security, interaction with the herd and salaried help.

12. Owners may make the decision to sell or butcher a cow if it remains open after 90 days exposure with the bull.  At this time KYF will discuss with the Owner options for replacement.  

13. Plans for the future of calves from the Owner’s cow will be discussed annually.  Options include:  maintaining replacement heifers, slaughter for Owner’s use or slaughter for private sale.  Option for charitable donation of meat will be offered in the future as well.14. Both parties agree that because meat is a perishable product, should Owner fail to retrieve his/her stored meat from KYF arranged facilities within a month of notification, KYF may sell the product and send the Owner the proceeds minus a storage and handling fee.  KYF is not responsible for storage of meat beyond the day that owners are notified it is time to retrieve the

15. This contract will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of  Texas.

16. This Boarding Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding each party’s duties and obligations to the other.

Signed this ________ day of _____________________, in the year ________.

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